The perfect gift for your loved one! Merʻs Mixed Sweets and Jyshell Creations presents the SWEETEST COLLAB EVER. Delicious white chocolate molded into a perfect heart with a surprise jewel and various candies underneath. 


As always, we made this product as special as you are. You can customize your heartʻs  color and text on top! You could add even more sweet treats in your box from Merʻs Mixed Sweets by clicking here. 



- One Surprise Jewel of your choice

- Wooden Mallet

- Delicious Candy 

- 6  White Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies  (Same color as chosen heart)


Jewel Surprise
Heart Color
Delivery Method
  • ALL SALES FINAL. No refunds, returns or exchanges. Cancellations have a fee of $20.